Tuesday, July 15, 2008


It's fairly obvious that I am very easily amused.

This is why Sitemeter provides endless hours of amusement for me. See, told you.

The most entertaining for me is Referrals. Referrals tells me where people came from and how they got to my blog. Generally, it's from one of your sweet blogs that has me on their blogroll (thanks for that, by the way.) But sometimes...it's from what strangers have Googled. Emphasis on strangers.

This is where it gets interesting and a tad bit disturbing.

OK, So here's a few...

People Googled:

"Who wears loafers" and got this.

"God humoring His people" and got this.

"Ceiling fan life-span" and got this.

"Good enough wallpapers" and got this.

"Selling Rocks" and got this.

"Sexy pastors wife" YEAH. Is that not a tad bit disturbing?!? Who Googles that?!? It ended up taking them to my profile pic on Google images along with several other pastor's wives who I'm sure had NO CLUE their faces would pop up after being googled for that. Turns out that it picked up "pastors wife" from my profile bio. HA! Thanks Google for putting me on page 1 of THAT search...Google it's a crazy little thing.

And the kicker "Google" has to do with this post I did when I first started blogging. The title was a mistake. BIG mistake. I was a new blogger...I didn't know that it would cause people with some serious problems to Google and get taken to this post of my cute little guy. Lesson learned. I have since just saved it as a draft so that it cannot be googled anymore...but brought it up just for you today...don't you feel special.

What the FUNNIEST part of it is, is that people googled that stuff, and then actually clicked on my blog thinking they would get information that they were looking for...HA! I just picture them staring at the computer saying, "What the heck?!?"

Oh Google...it's a terribly amusing thing.


  1. Hi Sarah . . . thanks for your congrats and the technical assistance! I understood your directions completely! Thanks for making one more thing clear for me!


  2. HA! This was stinkin' hilarious!

  3. That is too funny. By the way, I just gave your blog an award. Go check it out at my blog.

  4. Oh my word! You have me cracking up! HILARIOUS post. (I'm going to have to start checking out that referral feature on sitemeter!) Thanks for a great giggle for my Tuesday! =D

  5. OH MY GOODNESS, that is so crazy! I've had a few, but never that good. I would take the "pastor's wife" search as a compliment. :) I'm sure there are many seeds being planted as people stumble upon your blog. :) Have a great day!

  6. Sarah you always make me laugh! Although the pastor's wife google was kinda creepy. Not that any pastor's wife would creep me out - just the thought of someone actually thinking that way. Let's be a little naive and go with that being a typo shall we?


  7. This is what I spend many hours of my day researching for work! It is funny!

  8. funny- but i don't get how it all works. i even failed at putting on a site meter...??

  9. That is crazy. Congrats on being cover model for the google search! ;)

  10. Whoa...there are some crazies out there, that's for sure! Who googles some of this stuff anyway???? I love looking at the "referrals' on sitemeter, too, although I haven't gotten anything as crazy as this. Yet. :)

  11. Sarah:
    First time here, so I bet you're checking site meter right now to see where I've come from. I couldn't tell you. I'm surfing blogs tonight.

    You got me on the "sexy pastor's wives" google. Ahhh, the inner workings of the mind. Who, indeed?!

    Anyway, a much needed laugh. I've seen your comments before on other blogs, so I thought it was time to come over and say hello.

    Be blessed in your parsonage this week. Mine seems to be falling down around me these days. Anyone else?


  12. funny! I don't even know how to check that google list... gotta go figure that out!

  13. I also gave one of my blogs a poor title. Along w/ the name of my blog, when people in Europe google "huisvrouwen sex" they get this post http://csvan.blogspot.com/2007/10/future-sexlove-sounds.html

    I like to think of it as Christ reaching people who might not know they were looking for him. :)

  14. This absolutely, positively cracks me up. Who would have thought "Life in the Parsonage" would create such stardom in the world of GOOGLE :)

    Happy googling!! :)

  15. "Hye you sexy thang!" Sorry I couldn't resist!
    That is too funny!
    I'll have to check my site meter.

  16. Oh, I love that Cross-dresser one! I dread to think what some of my blog titles would throw up - I must try googing it!

    The Broken Man


  17. Too funny! And easily amused means often entertained! ;-)

  18. Those are funny and a little creepy. I'll have to check my sitemeter.

  19. This is an awesome post! I may have to re-word and do this myself. Most people get to my blog searching "sleep number bed parts" or "sleep number bed". Which is hysterical because it is not a post which paints Sleep Number Beds in the best light, but it is an awesome testimony to the faithfulness of God.


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