Thursday, December 11, 2008

Still Not Very Deep.

Do you know what is at the heart of the reason I blog? Guess.

I really think it's because you are all so nice to me. Deep, aren't I. For real, your over-the-top kindness to me is maybe making me a little too big for my britches...THAT or Starbucks is...either way, I am so not to blame *cough*

Your blog recommendations were fabulous (I do not say fabulous is real life, only when I blog...but I do talk with as many exclamation points as I use in bloggy world, I can't help myself.) I added them to my reader.

I wanted to come up with something a little deeper I scrolled through much of the last few weeks I realized there's not much depth here. In real life there is...I promise :) What I did see though, as I looked back, is fun and joy and that, my friends, is something I am praising God for today. It's easy to take for granted the times in my life that are light...and full of simple joy. Most of the time I don't realize how good it is until something tough sneaks up. Today, I'm thankful to have recognized this peace while still in the midst of it.

So, in the spirit of fun and realness, you should know that in real life I am not as cute as you think I am, at least most of the time.

I have proof.

Bed head. Unwashed face and shirt that I wore yesterday under my cute sweater (which I got at Dillards for those of you who wanted to know ;) that I wore to bed and then still have on this very minute. I went like this to Target this morning. And I do not even care. Do not even tell me I still look cute, because then I will officially have to call you a liar liar pants on fire. Seriously, do not go there.

What you can tell me is: Do you ever have so much stuff to get done around the house that you end up just wandering around aimlessly accomplishing NONE of it...and instead maybe take pictures of the bag of coffee you bought?

Pretty, isn't it. Decaf too. This former caffeine addict has changed her ways. Oh, I still get me some caffeine, but now it actually does pep me up a little and when I don't have it, I no longer have nasty headaches. Phew. I'm glad that my chosen addiction allows me to still consume that which I was formerly addicted I understand it, the crack addicts do not get to enjoy those same perks...which is how I justify it being ok to have been addicted to caffeine in the first place.

Clever, aren't I.

Did I mention tomorrow is FRIDAY!?! WOO HOO!


  1. sarah the Target police r looking for you lol and you always look good. is that where you got those green boxs from.

  2. I get a little inner chuckle from the looks on peoples faces when I go out without makeup... or I often get, " You look tired, Beth!" Sometimes I tell them it is the lack of makeup, other times I just gotta laugh and say, "no, I actually slept in today!"

  3. Celebrating the simple things with ya. You're so right about not taking them for granted.

    Until about 10 minutes ago, I had spent all day in my pjs with a robe over the top. Whenever I'm dressed like that I get NOTHING done. My poor Christmas cards....

    It was a great day. But now I'm off to work.

  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one who wears the current days shirt to bed at night. Who wants to bother with pjs when I have a perfectly comfortable shirt on now? It's one less thing to wash. And I think you look pretty cute. Your bed head is my everyday hair!

  5. I love you. Not only did you take a picture of yourself looking all natural (AND gorgeous, so just be quiet!), but you took a picture of coffee. I could almost switch to decaf right now! :P

  6. I just started reading your blog. I think you are hilarious! Joy is always a bonus! Have a great day.

    One of your new readers,
    *Shay B*

  7. nope, sorry, still cute!!!! But you should have seen what I looked like as I went in Target today wearing something I found out of my 78 year old Aunt's closet because it has gotten so cold here I have nothing warm to wear!!!

  8. AND

    I would ALWAY rather take goofy pics and blog about them than get SOMETHING done! ha ha!

  9. Please don't change this blog ever!!! You brighten my day! I love your light hearted comments and it reminds me to be grateful for the little things. Thanks for that!

  10. That! That is NOT bed head! So shut up! I will give you bed head tomorrow. Curses, you look cute in the mornings with your "bedhead" and glowy skin and shirt NOBODY can tell you slept in. Your eyebrows are still perfect!! and what? your lips look glossy! You put on lip gloss didn't you?
    Go ahead smell the smoke girlfriend cause I think the fire is at your house!;)

  11. call me a liar but you're still cute!!! :)

  12. oh Sarah!! I went to church with Rebecca today in the same clothes I slept in!! I seem to have lots of days like that!!

    I also love your comment about having so much to do that you wander through the house, not sure where to even start or what to get done!! I do that SO MUCH!! what a waste of time!! If I would just pick somthing and DO IT!! LOL Praise God I'm not alone!!

    As usual, I enjoyed reading your blod today!! Thank you for sharing everything.... even if you dont think it's "deep"!! Just the smile it puts on my face is worth the time it takes for me to read it!!


  13. Umm...we all hate you because you still look cute!

  14. I like deep AND Because that is basically who I am. Some of each. Sometimes on the same day. Sometimes on the same post. Ya never know.
    I am not giving up the caffeine, btw.
    (My fist is raised and waving in the air. The other one is typing.)

  15. bed-head or not you're so stinkin' cute and I love reading anything you write, so don't STOP!!! and I am a bit on the leary side to stop caffeine, I need it to boost my day with a non-sleeping toddler!

  16. This is your so-called bad picture? Pfffft! Moving on. I too have cut my coffee consumption. I have a Keurig coffee maker now and that helps. It makes one cup at a time. I drink exactly two per day. I have no desire to drink less than that, as I do enjoy it. But I don't feel addicted anymore. That's a good thing.

  17. You are totally RELEASED to not post a DEEP post anytime soon! I think that in blog-land the opposite of deep is not shallow, it'a just FUN! Deepness is highly over-rated anyway!

  18. I am rare deep on my blog. If it write about toilet paper or my mom's phone calls, readers seem to enjoy it. The minute I get serious, it's bye bye, 2nd Cup.

  19. You are such a blessing! I ADORE reading your blog!!! Thank you! Thank you! for letting the light of Jesus shine through you, and make days brighter for others!

    You are TOO CUTE! (Bed Head or not!)


  20. Yes, I DO wander around my house, a lot!!! Not good for a momma of 9!!!
    Ok, if I looked THAT good when I rolled out of bed.....
    you crack me up!!

  21. I think the wide variety of subject matter and fun-nes is why so many seem mesmerized by your blog. :) So keep doing it. :) I so enjoy it.

    Yes, I too can relate to the aimless wandering. I'm kinda doing that right now. :)

  22. i'm confused about how that picture is supposed to prove that you're NOT cute?

    try again!

    ps love the hair cut

  23. You wanted to give us a not-cute pic and THIS is the best you can come up with? Sorry, still cute.

  24. how many times you going to put your purty lil self on here and act like somethings wrpng with you-sorry still pretty- do you want me to bring out my pjs no makeup glasses on picture again from the last time you did this?You are beautiful inside and out and you just can't help it so deal with it!!!!
    Love you-I still read ya!


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