Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Anyone Else?

I need to know I'm not the only one.

Tell me you all are getting these emails from companies saying... I love your site, and I am interested in creating a partnership with you, and would like to speak with you further about this opportunity.  That particular one came from here.

Every time I get one, I think to myself...sure you've been to my site...sure you just LOVE it *pfffff*  

I always ignore them.  But now they are "following" up because they have not heard from me.  For real?!?  

I'd like them to explain to me what they LOVE about my blog.  Was it the run-on sentences and made up words mixed in with a little bad grammar?  Was it the constant use of bullet points?  Or the lack of consistency on any given topic that compels them to give me products to review?  Hmm, inquiring minds would like to know.

Apparently the economy really is THAT bad.  Who knew?!? 

*insert tongue in cheek accompanied by an eye roll*

Happy Tuesday!  I love Tuesdays...especially Bible Study Tuesday's...there's nothing like a good spiritual tongue lashing from Beth Moore...she gets me everytime!  Just where I need it. 


  1. I'd like to personally thank blogger for making 1/2 my post in one font and the other 1/2 in another...nice touch.

  2. Hmmm...I don't get those e-mails, and now I'm sad. LOL, j/k!

  3. of course you get those emails... your blog post are real - something that everyone can relate to!
    but it could be some kind of scam - there are ALOT of those out right now so be careful if it involves $$$.

  4. What the what!!! I haven't seen those!

  5. I get them all the time. Even people telling me they want to be my PR person. Ummm... As the wife of a Pastor writing for like tens of people to read.. yes tens. The last thing on my mind is public relations. I just assumed everyone got these odd messages. I love your blog.. and have reasons for it. If you want them... I can provide hours of babbling as to why you rock.


  6. Yeah, I get them too. Lots of "we like you blog, and would love it if you posted our link on your sidebar..." No thanks. Enjoy Beth Moore tonight!

  7. happy Beth Moore day! we're doing that study too ... loving it!! :)

  8. Yes, I get them as well... I got so many I decided to see what it was about... They will pay you for so many words to write about their products. The thing is, you have to do the research yourself to describe the products.... That was the case with the one they sent me anyway. I would stick with your method of ignoring them. I just hope they don't think your playing hard to get ;)

  9. First--yes, I get some legit offers and some weird ones.

    Two--They love your traffic---And you have a fun and great and real blog.

    Three--Blogger has been ticking me off lately with the font thing. And because I had to add code for Mr. Linky---I get some HTML error every time I post and I have to check a box that says Do not show me this HTML error again...I hit post and it works...until the next time.

  10. Nope - no one wants to pay me to blog. I guess you have to have more than 10 readers.

    Your blog is awesome though, and if I were marketing a product, I would want you to recommend it!

  11. Yes, I get them and ignore them. Which is probably why I'm not rich?? Nah.

  12. You mean I am not special? That somebody half way round the world in a country I have never heard of, doesn't really want to promote my blog to the world? Who woulda thunk it (that is sarcasm for those who don't speak Arkie). Gee, now my feelings are hurt...sniff, sniff...

  13. hahaha! i get those too! SO funny!! They always make me smile ~ gotta love that spam!
    and that link above really needs to pay you a per click 'cause i'm sure they're gonna get a lot of traffic today!

  14. I don't get those e-mails. Hmmm. I wonder why. Guess I'm too boring for even salespeople to want me. hahaha

    I agree about Bible Study Tuesdays. That's when ours is too and yep, Beth always gets us good!


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