Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Good Stuff...

I know you've all been on the edge of your seats since yesterdays post. *cough*

And I've gotta say...Sonic is a hit. A BIG hit.

Yep, I was the total loser taking pictures of us while eating. At least I'm sure that's what the people in the car next to us thought...until I showed them my t-shirt that reads Just Ignore Me, I'm a Blogger and I Have Readers That Want Pictures, So There. Or at least I would have done that had I actually had the t-shirt.

What constitutes a good burger? Grease running down your hand, of course. Oh, no need to thank me for that gem of a pic.

The only thing I'll do differently the next time...I want a Diet Coke in the absolute largest size possible...maybe two of them. De-lish.

God Bless America.


  1. I was laughing at this post because we got a new Sonic that opened yesterday. just for fun I thought I would get lunch there and it took us 48 minutes to get through the drive through because of the hype. But my Noah LOVES the little toy that came with the kids meal so I imagine we'll be visiting again.

    I love the idea of that tee shirt. I need one too.

  2. I'm out the door NOW. I need me some Sonic......and yes, a Diet Coke. Ahhhh.

  3. So funny! Glad you guys posted pics!

  4. Oh, I am SO craving Sonic now! I don't want to have to drive the hour, though. I'm glad Sonic is making it's way up north. Hopefully MN will get one in the future. :)

  5. Funny. I told Spouse yesterday that I just needed a shirt that says "Blog addict". LOL

    And I agree-- Sonic rocks!

  6. Forget America! God Bless Sonic!!! (I kid. I kid!)

  7. I was actually thinking "she has a t-shirt that says that?!" until I got to the next sentence! LOL

    Their slushes and cherry limeades are awfully scrumptious too.

  8. I looove Sonic! Pure bliss.:)

  9. I LOVE SONIC! I have lived in a town with a Sonic my whole life, until I went away to college. No wonder I only lasted ONE semester at that college before transferring. haha! Seriously, it's like the only restaurant ever that I could eat every day of the week and not order the same thing twice because I love SO much of their menu! Now, I'm off to text the hubby to see if we can have Sonic for dinner. :)

  10. i heart sonic. heart them. *sigh*

    there isn't much on their menu that i won't eat...seriously.

    onion rings...the best.
    cherry limeade...good stuff.
    butterfinger sonic blast...to die for.

    i really could go on and on.

    AND - around here, this is NOT on their menu, but when i am craving one, i just ask for it...and they make it....grilled ham and cheese toaster sandwich. i have them dress it with tomatoes, lettuc and mayo. yummmmmm-o!

  11. How about a large Diet Coke...but only one...then you could finish the meal with a Chocolate Milkshake? Now you're talking!

  12. Haven't tried it yet.... sooooo need to try it! SOON!!!!

  13. glad everyone liked it... knew ya'll would!

  14. I'm sure you know about "Happy Hour" at Sonic where all drinks are half off between 2-4 in the afternoon. I love, love their Diet Coke with Cherry. It's so much better than regular diet cherry coke!

  15. Oh, my. Those burgers look good. Sonic brings back some happy college memories. Did you try the tator tots or the cherry limeade? Those are the best. :-)

  16. The Lingo:
    The Size: Route 44. That's the largest drink.
    The Ice: I like less ice/more drink, so try saying, "easy ice, (Midwest phrasing)" though in the south they say, "light ice."
    The Additions: Then say, "extra vanilla" to receive three shots of vanilla syrup in your Route 44 Diet Coke. (The syrup isn't sugar-free, but when it come into contact with the Diet Coke, the calories all evaporate. It's magic!)

    Put it all together:
    I'd like a Route 44 Vanilla Diet Coke, Extra Vanilla, Easy Ice.
    You'll sound like the pro that you are!

    And enjoy one for me. I can't seem to get out of my office today... ;-)

  17. If I get to sneak out of work early enough to catch the happy hour special, I always get the Route 44 vanilla diet Dr. Pepper, light-ice. I highly reccommend this drink!

  18. Yum, can I lick your hand? We do not have Sonic in my state but I want one soooo bad!

  19. LOL!! Love the drippy hand pic! :D After they built the Sonic near us, I thought we'd be there every week. Thank goodness the newness wore off before I gained 20 pounds! And for some weird reason, the fries at this one taste like they've been fried with the fish filets. Ick. Hahahahah!

  20. Um...the greasy hand doesn't really make me want to try Sonic for the first time. (:

    But the blogger t-shirt jokes made me laugh!

  21. FYI: Diet Cherry Coke ... they put loads of cherries in them. Not sure how that affects the "diet" part.

    Chili cheese fries & tater tots - love

    Grilled chicken wrap - love

    Sonic blast - love

    Caramel Java chiller - delicious

    Nuff said.

  22. DO you know that one of your readers read my comment about not having eaten at Sonic. Yeh, she told me where they built aNOTHER Sonic, it's not by me, not even close..but it IS close by somewhere we go every fall...yeh, so I'm already planning on how I can work going to Gertens this spring for; oh I don't know, flowers that could be my Mother's day gift?
    A greasy burger to go with it...
    That's what I'm thinking anyway...
    Thanks Carol...if you read this.
    DUDE! You need to make up some of those shirts and SELL them. I'd buy one. It would excuse and explain a LOT! :)

  23. yep, I actually couldn't wait to read about your sonic trip!!!!! AND YOU TOOK PICS! WE LOVE YOU! I grew up not knowing the rest of the world did not have Sonic. Grew up on their flat greasy burgers. I was a picky child who had to have a burger with ketchup only. Thought everyone had cheese on thier tator-tots. Thought that they were the only place to get ice cream.
    BUT I have to say, you cannot truly appreciate a sonic drink until it is 100 degrees and drop dead hot outside. Then.... the love deepens to a whole other level.
    love you!

  24. Gotta try the RINGS! BTW I am reading all these Sonic comments while watching Biggest Loser. Now that's a combo. Also had Sonic for breakfast. The new bacon croisonic is totally good.

  25. So glad you enjoyed it!

    Now your new decision will be will be do you go to Starbucks for coffee or Sonic for Diet Coke!

  26. I LOVE Sonic. I wish I had one near me.


  27. Gotta love Sonic. Especialliy their Lemon Berry Slushie!!!!

  28. Chandler always says that everything we do should be an act of worship, even eating. So you can praise Him and thank him for giving you taste buds to enjoy greasy burgers. Diet coke though? I say go for the real thing baby.

  29. ha! those pictures are too funny!

  30. Love the grease running down your hand - that's what it's all about! My hubby makes fun of me because every time we go there, I have to sit and look at the menu for about 10 minutes because it's all just so good.

  31. love this post. love the carseats... seriously. the season of life when food-like items are found between crevasses of the seats from various unknown food groups... not that i would know anything about that. ;)

    greasy hand... priceless.

  32. I told you ......your life will never be the same after having a Sonic Diet Coke.....fun pics!

  33. Loved this post~fun pictures!

  34. Hello! I would like you to know that I received a Creative Blog Award and am passing it on to you!!

    You can pick it up here:

    I really enjoy your blog!


  35. Went to Sonic happy hour today myself...cherry limeade:)

    Hope you are enjoying this week as your hubby is on vacation.

  36. what a popular post, girl! so funny!

    i just gave you an award... come check it when you get a chance. ;)

  37. love the pics! try the cherry limeade next time....yummy!

  38. We've eaten at the new Sonic twice already!! There was a sonic directly across the street from our college. Bill and I fell in love over chili cheese coney's, "floppy" burgers (cuz they're kinda thin, but oh so good!) tots, cherry-lime-ades and banana shakes. We've had some fun memories in the last week.

  39. I am a HUGE Sonic fan too. Everywhere I go where there is one I get SO excited!


    1) Cherry Limeaide. 'Nuff said. (This was a FAVORITE drink as a teenager when we'd go to the Oklahoma "beach" (no, there's no such thing as an Oklahoma beach, but the concession stand at the swimming pool served Cherry Limeaids that were to die for and anywhere that you can get a good one is high on my list!)

    2) The burgers are the good ole' kind.

    I tried to go to the new Sonic once it opened before I actually got to go there but the line was SO long and my time was TOO short, but when I did go I drove in at 1:55, so what did I do? Sat in the car "deciding" for 5 minutes so I could get the Happy Hour half-price LARGE Cherry Limeaide! :)

    I can hardly wait to go back again and again and again now that it's "come to town". (Acually I'm anxiously awaiting the other one that will be closer and easier to get to more often! :)

  40. poor people, just NOW experiencing Sonic?!?!?!? Of course, we don't like sonic food...just DRINKS!!!!
    Especially from 2-4 daily when they are 1/2 price!! Love the diet cherry lime-ade along with the diet coke or diet coke with lime!! :-)


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