Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It Gets Me Every Time...

It's Tuesday.

My house is a mess.

The laundry is overflowing.

Tomorrow night we leave for Thanksgiving in Wisconsin.

I haven't packed.

Even my van is a mess. I'm gonna have to empty that thing before we can load up all 6 of us and our stuff.

And once again, I've waited till the last minute. Always. I always put off stuff like this till the last minute. And *big surprise* it always makes me a little crabby...and slightly annoyed with my family that all they have to do it look forward to the trip.

Poor, poor pitiful me.

What a fantastic Thanksgiving attitude ;) On Sunday, Ben spoke on how anxiety robs us of the ability to be thankful. I hadn't ever thought of it like that before. During his sermon I thought, yeah...that's true. And then this week God took that lesson one step further...by nailing it to my heart. (Pastor's love when He does that ;)

Every other year we travel to WI to spend the night at my Aunt and Uncle's for Thanksgiving. The whole crew is there and I love it. And without even being aware of it, I've let my anxiety over the messy house, my distaste for packing, and the fact that I hate all of my maternity jeans (don't even get me started) to rob me of the joy and thanksgiving that I should be enjoying.

Sounds ridiculous, no? It is. My ability to wallow in self pity is enormous. Got. To. STOP.

So here's my Thankful list. I know, a bajillion other bloggers are saying what they're thankful for, and you've read it all before...but this list, it's for me.

Time to remember that I'm thankful...

  • That we have family to "go home" to. Wonderful people.
  • that my neighbors are willing to come over and let Odie out so that we can even go to WI.
  • that I have a family I adore. All the laundry and all the packing means I have people whom I love, to do that for.
  • It's Thanksgiving and I'm eating for two. Hip hip hooray!
  • The only thing I'm required to bring to Thanksgiving dinner is three 2-liters of pop. Score.
  • That God loves me enough to not ignore me.
  • for my new bathtub/shower that a guy from church has spent a lot of time installing.
  • for all the wonderful groceries that our church family gave us on Saturday night...especially the Captain Crunch.
Okay...now I should really go get some stuff done while my attitude is still good. :)



  1. Oh this list is good! I should go make myself a little thankful list too. I know how to throw a seriously large pity party.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. I never got to eat for 2 at Thanksgiving. Lucky girl!

    Ben's insight is just what I needed to read. Good stuff!

    Have a blessed trip!

  3. Wear your stretchy pants!!! ;) Say hi when you get to wisconsin!!! ;)

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. oh man, could I go for some captain crunch, actually captain crunch berries...

  5. I just love you. You are just so honest and cute and relatable.

  6. Hope you have a blast on Thanksgiving. Keep up the good attitude! Well, at least the one you had at the end of your post.

  7. Lol -- you're bringing more than me to Thanksgiving dinner! I was told to bring myself...hmmm...I wonder if that means they don't like my cooking...lol!!

  8. Yippee for WI! We'll be there, too...ya know 'cause we live here and all.

    Happy Thanksgiving, girl!

  9. Can I pretend I'm pregnant this Thanksgiving so I can eat for two, too? ;)

  10. Oh, I hope you have a wonderful trip! Eat lots...the baby needs it. ;-)


  11. okay, captain crunch?!?!?! how cool is your church!?

    have a great trip!!!!

    love you!

  12. Such a great reminder! Thank you!

  13. Thanks for sharing your life with us, Sarah. I am delurking myself a little as I regularly read, but don't always comment! Enjoy WI. We are making the 10 hour drive to IL.

  14. I am with you on the captain crunch thing...haha. My house needs serious attention and stuff packing as well...I'm not sure whose bad idea this was, but having house guests while you're gone for a holiday weekend is a crazy thought!!
    Happy Thanksgiving!


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