Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Life in the parsonage...lately:

  • Last Thursday night, Julie's friend Audhild flew in from Norway. She is here visiting for 2 weeks. The school here will only allow her to visit classes with Julie for one day, so she gets to hang out with me and the kiddos during the day. God bless her. She's quite nice to have around. The boys adore her (she'll draw a picture of anything they ask) and she's finishing up my knitting project for me. :) Oh, and she knitted the most adorable Norwegian sweater for the baby. I need to take a picture of it...I need to take a picture of anything...I've gotten lazy. But...
  • I found out today at my Dr. appointment that they are going to induce me 4 weeks from TODAY! YAY! Call me crazy, but I'm all in favor of being induced. I've done it both ways...and induction works best for me. That being said, now watch I'll go into labor on my own...I tend to end up eating my words often.
  • I think April is going to be a beautiful time of the year to have a baby. Something about Spring...
  • We are starting a new ladies Bible study on the book of Ruth. I've loved the first week. I've also been using my hubby's commentaries to read up on the book of Ruth. This short little book of the Bible has piqued my interest. Ben printed off a sermon series that John Piper did on Ruth, and I loved what he said,
"One of the main messages of this little book is that God is at work in the worst of times. Even through the sins of His people He can lead and He does plot for their glory. It was true at the national level. And we will see that it is true at the personal, family level, too. God is at work in the worst of times. When you think He is farthest from you, or has even turned against you, the truth is that He is laying foundation stones of greater happiness in your life."

  • Which was also a good reminder for me, and my politically conservative self, after hearing of the health care bill (that I loathe) passing. God is still at work. And He is far greater than big government...and socialism.
  • A sweet little girl in Jake's preschool class looked at me today and innocently asked, "How'd your belly get so big?" I told her there was a baby in there. She looked skeptical.
  • Ben and I are working our way through season 6 of 24. We're also watching the current season on TV. You should hear our conversations, trying to keep the seasons separated in our heads. Tricky stuff.
  • You know what else is tricky? Two teenage girls, 3 boys, one husband, and a 9 month pregnant lady all in the the same house with only one bathroom.
  • Well, I'm off to eat. Audhild is making Norwegian pancakes for lunch. I KNOW! I'll take pictures...I swear.


  1. Love Ruth! if you haven't, you should read Chuck Swindoll's book about Ruth - very inspiring.

    I think April is a lovely month to have a baby, too! My oldest (who is now almost 17) was born in April.

    Best Wishes!

    Amy in Kansas

  2. I did a study on the Proverbs 31 woman awhile back. One of the commentators I read mentioned he believed the Proverbs 31 woman was based on Ruth, who was noted as being a virtuous woman (Ruth 3:11). King Lemuel was probably a pet name given to Solomon by his mother, Basheba.
    Here is the generation line back to Rahab...
    David & Basheba - adulter
    Jesse's wife - nothing known
    Obed's wife - nothing known
    Boaz & Ruth - Moabite
    Salmon & Rahab - harlot
    I found this fascinating. God can use anyone.

  3. I'm sorry, I am still choking over the ONE BATHROOM!!! I couldn't do it. I am very selfish with my bathroom time! ha!

  4. Ruth is good stuff.

    You are my hero. We only have 1 & 1/2 baths and I often complain with only 4 people in this house.... and I'm not even a pregnant peeing woman. You dear, are Wonder Woman.

  5. Only 4 more weeks - WOW! I know, I know...it's easy for me to say 'only'.

    I was induced the first time early due to complications, but went naturally with the 2nd. I think when you get near the end, you'd do almost anything to get the baby out. ;-) At least that's how I am.

  6. I thought April would be a lovely time to have a baby.....unfortunately my kiddo thought it would be fun to be over-due so we went to May.

    After doing it both ways.....I'm totally all for natural, rather than induction. Well, depends on your method of induction. No pitocin for me, please. Just break the water and I'm good to go :)
    Quick recap: 1st pregnancy, overdue, induced, thought I would die. 2nd pregnancy, dos bebes, 4 weeks early, labored to 9cm w/o breaking a sweat {or knowing I was in labor}, and then they started pitocin AFTER the babies were born....THEN I thought I was going to die. :) good times :)

  7. Thanks for posting about the health care bill. It has been bothering me so much lately, and your comments put in perspective.

    Good Luck with the inducing!

  8. Bless you! you might need to pull out your potty training potty in case of emergency!

  9. We love 24! Complete addicts. :) Yay, for 4 weeks until your induction! I'll be 28 weeks on Friday...but my son was born at 36 weeks, so I'm wondering how long I really have left?! God bless! I love your blog. <3

  10. One bathroom? ((((hugs))))

    Hubs and I are getting caught up on NCIS, then we are starting 24. Is it as good as everyone says?

    4 more weeks? Enjoy your belly bundle... and take lots of pix. ;)

  11. 4 weeks? How exciting. I'm sure you are more than ready.:)

  12. you sound like an angel! blessings
    on the new baby and the rest of
    your chicks.

    saw your comment at jodie's blog,
    which she hasn't written since is
    started. but i love her anyway.

    i love 24 too!

  13. How exciting that you know your little one will be here in only four weeks!!

    I did the pitocin thing with my first and hated it. Just had my third this weekend and went natural. Of course, labor went so quickly that I didn't have a choice! Even the doctor didn't arrive in time :)

  14. Wow that sermon was very touching!!!

    & I can't wait to see the pancakes, they sound yummy:)


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