Thursday, April 21, 2011


I'm alive.  The laptop is alive again too, after the death of it's hard drive.  Long boring story.

Lucy turned ONE yesterday.  And when I figure out how to get all my pictures back on here, I will show you all the pictures of her one-year-old-cuteness.

Until then....

There's lots of new things developing here at the parsonage.  I'm looking forward to filling you in...later.

I'm a procrastinator...

Right now though, I need to finish chugging my coffee down and get my sweaty running self into the shower in order to start my day.

Glad to be back bloggy friends!  Missed you!


  1. Sarah, it is sooooooooooo good to see a post from you. It has been a while and we have been missing you. Sure will be great to see your pictures too so we can the one year celebration.

  2. I'm SO glad you're back! Can't believe your baby is already ONE. Time really does fly.

  3. Happy Birthday Lucy! Welcome back Sarah.. we have missed you.

  4. Happy Birthday Miss Lucy!! So happy to see you pop in here, Sarah!

  5. Happy Birthday Lucy!
    Glad you're back Sarah-I was checking everyday and missed you so!

  6. Hi! Happy Easter, a little late. Everyday is Easter, though.

    I can't believe Lucy is one!? I remember reading about her birth.


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