Friday, May 14, 2010

So Much Good Stuff...

Please note this is my third blog post this week.  *wink*

Last night our church held a baby shower for Lucy and I.  Lucy looked like this the whole time...

My friends from church did an amazing job hosting.  From the pink and orange decorations, to the yummy chicken salad croissants and cheesecake it really was perfection.  They even had everyone there address their own thank-you envelopes, and then sent me home with extra thank-you cards AND stamps.  Is that genius or what?!?  Being the terrible event hostess that I am,(seriously, I'm not don't want me to host anything for will be oh-so-blah) I so so so appreciate those who are gifted at it.  THANK YOU MY FRIENDS!

My friend Jenni was a surprise guest and devotionalist (is that a word?  Doubtful, but I like it)  Anyways, when I saw her walk in I was confused.  I had thought I'd just given addresses for invitations to family and church people.  Jenni is technically neither.  Then I wondered if I had slipped her name in the invites without realizing it?  (my sleep deprivation on top of my already-bad-memory makes that entirely possible)  Turns out, it was just a lovely surprise for me!  She spoke on Hannah in the Bible, and reminded me of my own journey to Lucy.  Jenni and I have been friends for 6 or 7 years now...she listened to me (for quite some time) convince myself that three kids was more than enough for me.  She was also there a couple of years ago when God started whispering that maybe there was more to His plan...the letting go of the control was a journey.  It's funny how God can bring me through such a profound experience or lesson, and before long, I've already forgotten the journey ( I blogged about it here and here.)  Last night Jenni reminded me of that journey, and that Lucy was planned by God long before I had consented to handing over control.  What if I hadn't?  Makes me tear-up to think of the blessings I'd be missing...makes me examine my life right now...where am I not giving up control?  What am I missing out on because I think I know what's best?  Thank you Jenni...for being the friend that asks the hard questions, even when I don't want you to ;)  Love you.

Here's some pics...
This quilt was made by Betty from church.  Betty is a special lady to us, and this quilt is just amazing.  Did I mention she's in her mid-eighties!?!

My mother in law got Lucy her own little stroller.  I commented on how she definitely won't have her brothers wanting to share it...

I. Was. Wrong.

He also confiscated this box from her loot...

Check out all the stuff...

And the shoes!!!!

And the cutest diaper bag ever...

I'd been eyeing it since December.  But resisted.  *insert pat on back*  Thanks for not resisting, mom!! :)  

A friend gave me this...along with a Starbucks card.  Does she know me or what?!? Lucy slept through the night last night...11:30pm-6:00 am, yay!  Now, if she could keep doing that for the next week I might be able to catch up!  Until kitchen looks like this:

Gonna get to it...eventually.  


  1. THE SHOES!!!! Love. Them. Sounds like you are blessed with a great group of friends. As for the know what's important (and it ain't a clean house) ;o)

  2. That's one of my favorite quilt patterns. And I LOVE the coffee mug!

  3. It was so nice to see you and Lucy again! And so nice to have a little baby on my lap!

  4. Lucy is simply beautiful! Congratulations, she is precious!

  5. fun!! LOVE your new diaper bag! :)

  6. Hooray for showers and surprises!! Lucy and her mom will both be stylin' in some GREAT shoes! :)

  7. Helpful hint for later in life....hide all your cute shoes because some day Lucy will try to steal them from you! Until then....cherish EVERY moment :}

  8. Look at Lucy pulling in all that pink loot! Fun stuff!

  9. First of all, she's absolutely beautiful!

    Second, I can't stop thinking about this line: "What am I missing out on because I think I know what's best?" Wonderful post! Many thoughts to ponder here. Thanks!

  10. Can I just tell you that my favorite part of this post is the picture of your kitchen!!!?? I seriously felt like maybe I was the only one!

    What a sweet party they had for you! Good loot!

  11. Diaper bag - super cute! What a blessing to have so many good friends. The quilt is pretty amazing too. I really can't imagine all the work that went into making that. Glad you and Lucy were spoiled a little. ;-)

    FYI: My kitchen looks similar and I don't have a baby as an excuse. Take your time. It will be there waiting for you.

  12. My kitchen looks worse than that and I don't even have the new baby excuse!!! You're doing great!!

    Love all the shoes!

  13. Lucy is so cute- she looks SO sweet sleeping in her little pink & brown outfit!!!

    Did you say chicken salad croissants???? Yummmm they are my favorite:) I LOVE LOVE LOVE your diaper bag . . .I also love that your lil' man is testing out the stroller-LOL!!!!

  14. Suh-weet! Gotta love all that pink!

    I love your precious Lucy.

  15. Yeah for shoes!!!!! i love girl shoes.. & with three girls it kills our budget :)
    And love the green diaper bag.. ah.. girly things!!! God is awesome.

  16. What a beautiful quilt! And the shoes...oh girls are just the best : ) Congrats again!

  17. What a great picture of Lucy!
    That quilt is super sweet. When I got one like that I used it for floor time, and playtime outside when my girls were little. I got a lot of use out of it, and it didn't just sit in a basket in the baby's room.
    Looks like your very loved. :)

  18. Sigh. The pink. The shoes. The sweet darling baby asleep amid pink and brown polka dotted bliss.

    I'm well past any sort of baby fever but all the sweetness, girly-ness almost (almost!) pulls me back in...

    My sister had a Holly Hobby quilt like Lucy's that my grandmother made for her. I was so envious growing up!

    Congratulations yet again on your precious gift from the Giver of all good things!


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